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    Website Usage

    Unless permitted by relevant laws and regulations or with the consent of the company, the information and any constituent contents of the website shall not be re-edited, copied, copied, copied or used for other commercial purposes without permission. If the company determines that the customer's behavior is illegal or detrimental to the legitimate interests of the website and the company, the company has the right to refuse to provide services, freeze or delete member accounts, and take relevant legal measures.

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    The Link

    The presence of a link to a third party website on this website does not imply that the company or the website is associated with or has legally authorized the use of any trademark, trade name, logo or copyright that may be linked to the content displayed on the linked website.

    For links of the third party website to the website, it does not necessarily mean that the company has made some kind of recognition, authorization, sponsorship to the third party or indicates that it belongs to the company's affiliated enterprises, joint ventures, partners or business partners. In most cases, the company is not aware that a third party has provided a link to this website.

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    Related statements

    This website may contain certain statements, including but not limited to the company's business prospects and business performance expectations. These statements are inherently risky and uncertain and the company does not warrant that they will be updated continuously and do not constitute a guarantee of the future business of the company. The actual performance may differ significantly from the statement, including but not limited to the impact of the reform and implementation of relevant national policies, domestic and foreign economic growth, inflation, foreign capital injection and other factors.

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    Privacy protection

    (1) Collection and use of personal data

    Users can browse and access the relevant content and information of this website under the condition of anonymity. Before this website requests users to provide relevant personal information, this website will explain the use of such information and collect relevant personal information with the consent of customers for legitimate purposes. Users can register the membership information according to their needs, and the website will verify the authenticity and accuracy of the membership information. If the registration information or the purpose of the membership is involved in violation of the interests of our company, our company reserves the right to pursue compensation. Registered members involved in the personal information, my company will do a good job of confidentiality, not for other purposes or disclosure of any relevant information.

    (1) Collection and use of personal data

    The website USES reasonable and lawful security means to protect users' personal data. Without permission, the website will not disclose any user's personal information to any irrelevant third party, except the following situations:

    According to laws and regulations, the relevant authorities require it;

    Personal information disclosure caused by improper user confidentiality;

    Data leakage, loss, embezzlement and tampering caused by network lines, hacker attacks and computer viruses;

    To protect the rights or property of users of the website;

    In case of emergency, in order to protect the personal or public safety of this website and its users;

    Other special or emergency situations.

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    Protection of intellectual property rights

    This website related content, the trademark, the picture, the commodity, the text, the link, the software and so on all provide by our company and has. Any unit or individual shall not reprint, quote or misappropriate the contents of this website without permission.

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    Modification of terms

    The company reserves the right to modify, add or delete any contents of this legal statement at any time. You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions in force each time you visit or use this website. Therefore, each time you log in or use this website, you should check the date of this legal declaration and check the modification with the previous version.

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    Modification of terms

    The formulation, implementation and interpretation of this legal declaration and the settlement of disputes shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. Any dispute arising from the use of this website shall not be settled through negotiation Either party may file a lawsuit with the people's court in the place where the company is located.